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The QUANTUMS study: QUAlity of life After Neuroendocrine TUMour Surgery


What is the aim of this study?

The aim of this study is to see what impact surgery has on the quality of life for patients who have neuroendocrine tumours. Neuroendocrine tumours are tumours of the neuroendocrine system which consists of nerve and gland cells. These cells can secrete hormones into the blood and cause symptoms in some patients which may affect their quality of life. Surgery can help to reduce the number and size of the tumours. We would like to assess exactly what impact surgery can have in improving the quality of life for neuroendocrine tumour patients.

Currently, we are inviting patients to take part in this study which involves completing questionnaires about quality of life at different stages of their treatment.  Results will be collated and published and also presented at the PLANETS NET Patient Conference.

Lead Researcher & Consultant Oncologist ‐ Dr Judith Cave (

How is the money raised spent?

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