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Organise an event

PLANETS Cancer Charity

How to organise an Event

We are delighted that you are considering fundraising for PLANETS. We would not be able to achieve the charity aims without your help. This information should help you get started! There are many ways to get involved in fundraising for PLANETS either individually, with friends or colleagues or as a larger group.  Below are a few ideas:

Take part in an organised sponsored event

Register for one of the many sporting events such as the British 10km, London Triathlon, London Marathon or Great South Run and nominate Southampton Hospital Charity – PLANETS.

Involve your colleagues

Have a dress down or even a themed dress day, clean up office language with a swear box, or even better challenge your boss to something outrageous!

Organise your own event

Get some friends together and organise a charity ball or auction or a quiz night in your local pub.  The options are endless, here are a few ideas!

Plan your own sponsored event

Anything can be done from a head shave to a walk to a silence to a slim; if you can think of it, you can do it!

Bag packing at a local supermarket
Body waxing
Bring and buy
Cake sale
Car boot sale
Car washing
Craft fair
Dinner party
Dress down day
Fashion show
Fun run
Garden party
Golf tournament

Guess how many…
Guess the weight of…
Ladies lunch
Office party
Overseas challenges
Race night
Silent auction
Sponsored slim
Street party
Talent competition
Wine tasting

Top Tips:

  • Decide who your target audience is, who you think you can get to attend and then choose an appropriate event.
  • Think carefully about your date; make sure there is not a big local event that may clash with what you are doing.
  • When you have chosen what event you would like to do, check whether you will need special permissions or licenses that may cause issues at a later date.
  • Plan ahead, do a budget to work out whether you will be able to make money from your event and always allow a contingency, both financially and practically.
  • Keep in touch: Keep us abreast of what you are planning. We can help advertise your event, provide logos, information about the charity and possibly even a speaker to introduce your event.
  • PR Opportunities: The more exposure you can get for your event, the better. Perhaps you could approach your local radio station or paper? Social Media also provides you the perfect opportunity to spread the word amongst your friends and their friends so get on facebook and twitter and share your events details! We can also post your event on our website and facebook page so don’t forget to send us your event poster with all the details. This applies after the event as well, let us spread the word about how much you raised, make sure you take lots of photos to go with the information!
  • Have a look at other events that charities have held, can you learn from their successes or even their mistakes?! Ask advice, people are usually happy to share when a charity is going to benefit!

The PLANETS Team are here to help and support you with your ideas and plans. For more information e-mail us on

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