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PLANETS are delighted to be providing funding for medical student project into Ki67 staining on serial resections.

In Southampton we have a large bank of biopsies from patients with NETs. We want to do some research to look at whether NETs evolve over time. If they are evolving, then understanding this will allow us to adapt and improve our treatment accordingly. When a patient is first diagnosed with a NET, our histopathology team spend a lot of time analysing the biopsy to give as much information as possible about the type (or grade) of NET. One of the ways they do this is to use a test called Ki67. The grade and the Ki67 result give the team important information about whether or not the NET is likely to behave in an aggressive manner. What we do not know however is whether the grade and/or Ki67 result can change over time. We are going to look closer at the patients who have had more than one biopsy to work out whether or not the grade does change. The funding from PLANETS will be used to pay for the materials to do the extra Ki67 tests. The analysis work is currently being undertaken by two students.

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