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Ian Douglas

Ian Douglas, a NET patient, trekked round Nepal at the end of last year with his son and has written his experience down in the form of an e-book. Proceeds from the sale of the e-book will be donated to PLANETS!

Ian Douglas had major surgery at Southampton on his pancreas in 2010 and on his liver in 2011 to remove NET tumours.  Since then Ian has had most of the other procedures the Southampton team can offer to keep the cancer in check.

However, Ian was not prepared to let the cancer limit his life, and in late 2013 visited Nepal to attempt the Annapurna Sanctuary trek, one of the world’s most iconic treks. The trek goes through the foothills of Nepal’s Annapurna range, and then further up a deep and narrow valley to the Annapurna Sanctuary.  The Sanctuary is a flat plain 4000 metres above sea level, and is often described as a natural amphitheatre.  It is almost completely surrounded by five 7000 metres plus mountains, including Annapurna 1 at 8091 metres, just 850 metres short of Mount Everest.  In comparison the UK’s Ben Nevis is a puny 1344 metres.

Ian said “It was hard work, but the view from the Sanctuary at dawn was fantastic.  We seemed totally surrounded by 7000 metre snow-capped mountains.  Watching the snow-capped mountain tops turn crimson in the dawn sun is something I will never forget”.

Ian’s visit was in October and November 2013.  These are good months for trekking, after the summer monsoon but before the intense cold of winter.  However Ian says that flower lovers should go in March and April, when the forests of 30 metre high rhododendron trees are in full bloom.

When preparing for the trek, Ian found that the standard Nepal trekking books were written by experts for hard-core trekkers.  He felt that there was a need for guidance for the newbie trekker, so he decided to write a short book that he would have found useful when planning the trek.  Part travelogue, part guidance for the first time trekker, his book should take some of the apprehension out of trekking for the first-timer.  “A Novice Trekker in Nepal” is available as a paperback (£3.25) and Kindle e-book (£1.99) on Amazon.  If you have a colour e-reader Ian recommends getting the e-book version, which has 20 colour photographs.

Download Ian’s E-book.


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