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Mayo Clinic take a step forward with targeted therapies for NET cancers.

Researchers at Mayo Clinic have completed the world’s first whole exome sequence of small intestine neuroendocrine tumours, also known to patients and physicians as carcinoids, the most common cancer of the small bowel and one that responds poorly to c …

Breaking news courtesy of Carcinoid Cancer Foundation

Breaking news courtesy of Carcinoid Cancer Foundation and perhaps providing a little hope for the future for NET patients – a Phase III clinical trial using targeted radiation for patients with intestinal carcinoid cancer that has spread beyond the int …

Donation enables clinical testing of new neuroendocrine cancer treatment

Uppsala University has received a donation of SEK 14 million from entrepreneur Vince Hamilton for research into a new virus treatment for neuroendocrine tumours. This means that plans can be made for the world’s first study on humans to test a genetica …

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