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Conversion of a room within the gastroenterology and hepatology ward footprint at UHS into a wellbeing room for PLANETS patients:

The well-being room on D-level is a room dedicated for use by patients with liver diseases including liver cancer. Sometimes these patients stay in hospital for several weeks at a time which can be very demoralizing. This room gives them an escape from the normal hospital environment and gives them the opportunity to relax and feel more human. It is also a space which can be used for private conversations between patients and healthcare professionals away from the bedside, where conversations are often overheard by everyone in the room.

This room was officially opened by Gail Byrne, UHS Chief Nursing Officer, on February 5th 2024 and is now being used by patients.

Ongoing research into pancreatic cancer-associated diabetes:

PLANETS are funding (together with LAPR&D Charity) ongoing research into pancreatic cancer-associated diabetes, genetic variants and metabolomic analysis using the UK biobank cohort to help develop effective strategies for the early detection of pancreatic cancer which is considered to have the worst survival outcome among cancers. Further innovative technology to predict people at risk of pancreatic cancer is particularly important for early detection.  The aim is that this research programme will identify a group of people who will benefit from a screening programme without major financial impact on the public health system

Trial of 3D printed models of livers based on patients’ CT scans to allow for better personalised planning of their operations:

Surgeons in Southampton are trialling the use of 3D printing to create models of patients livers, based upon their scans. Tumours in the centre of the liver often lie very close to important blood vessels and other critical structures such as the bile ducts, which can make it some of the most challenging surgery that they do. This new technique allows the surgeon to assess different ways of operating before they actually do the surgery, in order to find the best and safest way of removing the tumour without damaging the vital structures.

PLANETS to purchase an additional ultrasound probe for surgeons at University Hospital Southampton:

PLANETS are purchasing a robotic ultrasound probe that can be attached to one of the arms of the surgical robot in theatre in Southampton. This is used for highly specialist keyhole surgery on the liver and pancreas and it allows the surgeon to use the probe inside the patient to scan the liver and the area around the pancreas to guide the surgical robot during the operation. It allows the surgeon to get a really accurate map of where the cancer is in relation to vital structures such as blood vessels.

Trial of ‘Cancer Coach’ as an addition to our current patient support offering:

We are currently trialing a “cancer coach” who is a former senior oncology sister, who now works providing patient and family/carer support through cancer coaching which endeavours to give people the tools that they need to take control of their situation a bit better and navigate their way through the journey that they or their partners are on.

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